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Guidelines for Qatar government sector's dress code during office hours

The office of the Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs in Qatar released Circular no. 13 for the year 2024 which outlines appropriate measures to ensure that employees of Ministries, other government agencies, and public bodies and institutions adhere to controls related to uniform and public appearance during work hours and while attending official events.

Qatari male employees are to wear the traditional Qatari uniform (a thobe, a ghutra, and an egal), while non-Qatari employees shall dress up in a full formal dark-coloured suit, with a shirt and tie that matches the colour of the suit.

Wearing the Qatari dress (bisht, thobe, and ghutra) when attending official occasions entails the following:

For the summer period, the color of the bisht - when attending official occasions – is to be as follows:

A - Morning period: white.

B - Midday period: blonde.

C- Evening period: black.

The winter bisht can be worn from the first of December to the first of April.

Qatari female employees are expected to wear the traditional Qatari dress (abaya and head covering) in an appropriate manner.

Non-Qatari female employees should wear appropriate women’s work suits in a manner befitting the work environment.

Short, tight clothing is prohibited, as are bright colors, and make-up must also be “appropriate.”

Sport shoes are strictly prohibited unless in the case of a medical reason provided.

General controls regarding paying attention to the general appearance also ordain that clothing should be opaque and not tight, and that chains or clothing that contain logos should not be worn,  and for employees to avoid inappropriate hairstyles.

Source: Peninsula


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