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Register two additional cases infected with coronavirus (Kofi-19) in the State of Qatar

The Ministry of Public Health announced that medical examinations revealed that two additional cases of coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) have been infected in the State of Qatar belonging to Qatari citizens among the citizens whom the state evacuated on a private plane from the Islamic Republic of Iran on February 27, and those who have undergone Quarantine upon arrival, bringing the number of confirmed cases of HIV infection in the country to three cases so far.

The injured have been admitted to the TCDC under complete isolation and are in stable condition, and the Ministry of Public Health confirms that the injured have not had contact with community members since their arrival, and the outbreak indicators in the State of Qatar are still very low.

The Ministry of Public Health has also taken all precautionary measures to reduce the outbreak of the Corona virus, by subjecting all travelers coming from areas where the virus applies to quarantine upon arrival in the country, and the Ministry continues to monitor those who have been subjected to quarantine to ensure that no symptoms appear on them.


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