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Road Trips

Road trips in Qatar can be your best and craziest stories ever.

Create your most exciting experience in Qatar,  In a sense, road trips are a metaphor for life: They're arbitrary and wondrous expeditions that don't always have a clear beginning or ending. 

Here are some plans for your up coming road trip.


Discover The Qatari Culture

Camp under the stars, discover the old ruins, visit haunted houses or search for aliens...

All You Need to Know

Milky way photo shot

Galactic Core Bay

Believe it or not, Qatar is considered one of the best places in the middle east to witness the Milky way Galaxy, Qatar's virgin desert and flat terrain make it perfect for Milky way photo shot, It’s possible to see up to 15,000 stars throughout the night; the best time to capture Milky Way was from 2:30 am till 4:00 am.

galactic core qatar
Desert camping

Desert camping

Regency Camp

Nestled in a destination where the desert and sea meet harmoniously, Regency Holiday Desert Camp is a blend of traditional design coupled with modern comfort. At one hour away from the City of Doha, the luxury desert camp offers a range of activities including dune bashing with 4x4 vehicles, quad biking across the terrain and camel riding through the desert. A traditional Arabian lounge serves as the focal point of the camp where guests can immerse themselves and enjoy meals under the stars.

Sand dune cruising

Sealine Sand Dunes

Experience the true charm of Arabian desert, This adventure is sure a memorable one!  Cruising through waves of sand in a 4-wheel drive is super fun and exciting. Never let it be said that the desert is dull. Have a blast on an exciting desert safari out of Qatar, where you will plunge through sand dunes and take in all of the beautiful scenery.

Sand dunes
AL jamalia site

Visit the fishermen villages


Discover the old Qatari life before the oil, Fishermen villages were built at the beginning of the 19th century, These villages were first abandoned in 1937. Traditional Qatari mosques rest at the heart of the villages and are surrounded by a few old fishermen's houses. Visiting these villages gives an idea of the traditional Qatari building technique.

Don't camp overnight there, you might disturb the old villages ghosts.

Qatar's strangest rocks

Al Jassasiya

More than 900 mysterious glphs crafted in hard solid stones, Nobody knows for certain why, when or who did it. Mystery surrounds several deep holes that are connected by thin channels through which water can run.

The most unusual carvings are those of thick-finned fish fossils, boats with numerous oars, scorpions walking on the rocks, donkeys and those depicting the outlines of turtles. 

Qatari authorities are currently consulting other experts for further interpretations. Many theories exist, but there is very little compelling evidence to determine the dates of origin of these fascinating carvings.


Explore the wild life of Qatar

UNESCO Al Reem Biosphere Reserve

Qatar's deserts are subject to one of the harshest climates on Earth. For centuries, these deserts have tested humankind, with barely anyone being able to live in them for any extended period of time. The animals that inhabit these lands continuously beat humans in their ability to adapt.

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