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Qatar Tourism announces the commencement of the second edition of the Qatar Tourism Awards 2024


Qatar Tourism has officially launched the second edition of the Qatar Tourism Awards 2024, a prestigious initiative aimed at recognizing and celebrating outstanding contributions to Qatar's tourism and hospitality sectors

. This year’s awards promise to elevate standards, inspire innovation, and highlight the exceptional talents driving Qatar's tourism industry forward.

Overview of Qatar Tourism Awards

Introduction to the Awards

The Qatar Tourism Awards is an esteemed initiative developed by Qatar Tourism in partnership with the World Tourism Organization (UN Tourism). Launched in 2023, the awards aim to recognize businesses and individuals for their exceptional contributions to Qatar's tourism and hospitality sectors. This initiative underscores Qatar's commitment to service excellence and innovation.

Objectives of the Awards

The primary objectives of the Qatar Tourism Awards are to:

Recognize Excellence: Acknowledge outstanding achievements in the tourism industry.

Promote Innovation: Encourage innovative practices that enhance the visitor experience.

Foster Competition: Motivate healthy competition to elevate service standards.

Highlight Achievements: Showcase exceptional talents and visionary leaders.

Inception of the Awards

The Qatar Tourism Awards were inaugurated in 2023 to celebrate the remarkable contributions of various stakeholders in the tourism sector. The initiative reflects Qatar's vision to establish itself as a premier global destination, aligning with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Highlights from the First Edition

The first edition of the Qatar Tourism Awards was a resounding success, garnering significant attention and participation from industry leaders. Key highlights included:

Diverse Categories: Recognizing achievements across multiple sectors.

Notable Winners: Celebrating individuals and businesses that set new benchmarks in service excellence.

Positive Impact: Enhancing Qatar's reputation as a world-class tourism destination.

Press Conference Highlights

Key Announcements

The press conference held on June 9 at the Rixos Premium Hotel, Qetifan North Island, marked the official commencement of the second edition of the Qatar Tourism Awards 2024. Key announcements included:

Application Portal Launch: Opening of the application portal on June 9.

Submission Deadline: The deadline for application submissions is set for August 8, 2024.

Notable Speeches

Omar Al Jaber, Acting Chief of the Tourism Development Sector at Qatar Tourism, emphasized the importance of the awards in promoting excellence and innovation in the industry. He invited companies, individuals, entrepreneurs, tourist attraction owners, and influencers to apply for the awards.

Jaime I. Mayaki, Director of Technical Cooperation and Silk Road, UN Tourism, highlighted the significance of the awards in recognizing exceptional talents and visionary leaders, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation.

Award Categories

Service Excellence

This category recognizes businesses and individuals that deliver exceptional service, significantly enhancing the visitor experience in Qatar.

Gastronomic Experiences

Honoring culinary establishments that provide unique and memorable dining experiences, contributing to Qatar’s vibrant gastronomic landscape.

Iconic Attractions and Activities

Highlighting attractions and activities that offer distinctive and engaging experiences, making Qatar a must-visit destination.

World Class Events

Recognizing the organization of world-class events that attract international attention and boost tourism in Qatar.

Digital Footprint

Celebrating innovative digital initiatives that enhance the reach and impact of Qatar's tourism offerings.

Smart and Sustainable Tourism

Acknowledging efforts in promoting sustainable tourism practices that align with global environmental standards.

Community Leadership

Recognizing individuals and organizations that contribute to the community through leadership, volunteerism, and support for local initiatives.

Application Process

How to Apply

Interested applicants can visit the official Qatar Tourism Awards website to submit their entries. The process involves answering five key questions and providing supporting documents that highlight their achievements and contributions.

Submission Deadline

The deadline for submitting applications is August 8, 2024. Early submissions are encouraged to ensure thorough evaluation.

Entry Guidelines

For detailed entry guidelines and submission requirements, applicants can visit the Qatar Tourism Awards website, call the dedicated hotline (106), or email

Criteria for Judging

Evaluation Metrics

Entries will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Innovation: The uniqueness and creativity of the initiatives.

Impact: The positive effects on the tourism industry and visitor experience.

Sustainability: Adherence to sustainable practices.

Excellence: Consistency in delivering high-quality services and experiences.

Importance of Innovation and Excellence

The awards emphasize the importance of continuous improvement and innovation, encouraging participants to push the boundaries of excellence in the tourism industry.

Impact on Qatar's Tourism Sector

Boosting the Economy

The Qatar Tourism Awards play a crucial role in boosting the economy by attracting international visitors, enhancing the country's global reputation, and encouraging investments in the tourism sector.

Enhancing Visitor Experience

By recognizing and promoting excellence, the awards contribute to enhancing the overall visitor experience, ensuring that tourists receive top-notch services and memorable experiences.

Quotes from Key Figures

Statements from Omar Al Jaber

"I am pleased to announce the opening for submissions for the second edition of the Qatar Tourism Awards 2024, and I would like to take this opportunity to invite all companies, individuals, entrepreneurs in the sector, tourist attractions owners, workers, influencers in the tourism sector and every entity that promotes tourism in Qatar, whether directed to a local or international audience, to apply for these awards."

Insights from Jaime I. Mayaki

"Now in its second edition, and under the transformative leadership of Qatar Tourism, the Qatar Tourism Awards aim to highlight the exceptional talents and visionary leaders who are driving their country forward. This prestigious initiative is emblematic of Qatar's unwavering dedication to nurturing a culture committed to excellence and innovation."

Qatar National Vision 2030

Alignment with National Goals

The Qatar Tourism Awards align with the Qatar National Vision 2030, which aims to diversify the economy, promote sustainable development, and enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Promoting Sustainable Development

By recognizing efforts in sustainable tourism, the awards support initiatives that prioritize environmental conservation and responsible tourism practices.

Previous Winners

Case Studies

Previous winners of the Qatar Tourism Awards have set new standards in the industry. Their success stories serve as inspiration for current and future participants, showcasing the impact of excellence and innovation.

Success Stories

From pioneering digital marketing campaigns to organizing large-scale international events, past winners' success stories highlight Qatar's tourism sector's diverse and dynamic nature.

Future of Qatar Tourism Awards

Long-term Goals

The long-term goals of the Qatar Tourism Awards include establishing the initiative as a benchmark for excellence in the global tourism industry, fostering continuous improvement, and promoting Qatar as a leading destination.

Expanding the Initiative

Future editions of the awards may introduce new categories, expand eligibility criteria, and enhance the recognition of contributions to Qatar’s tourism sector.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can apply?

The Qatar Tourism Awards are open to all businesses and individuals in the tourism sector in Qatar.

What are the categories?

The main categories include Service Excellence, Gastronomic Experiences, Iconic Attractions and Activities, World Class Events, Digital Footprint, Smart and Sustainable Tourism, and Community Leadership.

Entry Guidelines

For detailed entry guidelines and submission requirements, applicants can visit the Qatar Tourism Awards website, call the dedicated hotline (106), or email


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