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Doha, Qatar – February 3rd 2020 – HUAWEI Mate30 Pro 5G is recognized for a plethora of cool and unique features with super performance and its ability to support both modes of 5G networks leading the list. It boasts an iconic design, marvelous videography, super battery and of course safe and solid security features. Today, we focus on three key propositions that sets the HUAWEI Mate30 Pro 5G device apart and crowns it as the king of 5G smartphones.

Amazing Videography When we say HUAWEI Mate30 Pro 5G has super videography and easily rivals professional video camera, we mean it! The King of 5G smartphones comes with the world’s first 40MP dual main camera. The quad camera setup is made up of a 40MP SuperSensing Cine camera, a 40 MP SuperSensing Camera in addition to an 8MP Telephoto Camera and a 3D Depth Camera. All these cameras have truly revolutionized smartphone videography.

HUAWEI Mate30 Pro 5G Ultra Slow-Motion shoots Video at 7680fps, which was previously only possible by professional video cameras. Another off the charts feature in the HUAWEI Mate30 Pro 5G is Ultra Low-light Video of ISO 51200, the highest sensitivity for mobile videography. Imagine you are attending a concert of your favourite singer/band and it is dark but you also don’t want to miss out on having a video to look back on or to share on social media. It is now possible to shoot clear videos in very lowlight surroundings and environment.

Super Cool AI Interactions HUAWEI Mate30 Pro 5G will blow your mind off with its one of a kind AI Gesture Controls. It is now possible to complete tasks, surf the web and navigate your phone without having to touch the screen at all! All you have to do is wave your hands up, down or sideways. You can even take a screenshot by gesturing a pinch in front of the screen!

There is also another unique feature – AI Auto Rotate. Simply put, the phone automatically detects the angle you’re looking at the screen and then the AI Auto Rotate feature will adjust the screen for you accordingly. You really don’t have to manually flip the phone, just assume your favourite viewing position and then watch magic happen. Multi-Screen Collaboration* is another intriguing and convenient feature which is made possible in the HUAWEI Mate30 Pro 5G. Thanks to improved EMUI 10 that has made it possible to mirror your screen with HUAWEI MateBook and transfer data, files and documents conveniently, all you’ve literally got to do is drag and drop the file with your fingers.

*Available on certain HUAWEI phones and HUAWEI MateBooks only.

Solid, Cool and Secure

The King of 5G smartphones is also renowned for its solid and unique security features. Thanks to its isolated Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), which ensures all sensitive data such as fingerprints, facial information and voiceprints are stored in the most secure part of the chipset.

Your messages and notifications are also safe from inquisitive eyes when you receive them thanks to AI Private View, which automatically hides content when extra eyes are detected. Unlocking your phone is also made more reliable and secure with dual-biometric authentication comprising of 3D Face Unlock and In-Screen Fingerprint.

The new HUAWEI Mate30 Pro 5G does not pre-install Google Mobile Services, and you will be able to download and enjoy the applications from the HUAWEI AppGallery preinstalled in the device. The King of 5G Smartphones is not just about performance and power, with its super cool and unique features, it encourages users and Huawei fans to rethink possibilities.


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