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Scarf, eight, infinity symbol, but what does the logo of the competition mean?

The official logo of the World Cup in Qatar displays several strong symbols specific to the organizing country and the Arab world.

If you have followed a few matches of the Football World Cup for a short week, you could not escape it. The logo of the competition invites itself everywhere, at each start of retransmission, at each commercial break and on each slow motion by rolling up on itself to form the number 8. Eight, a number that has nothing trivial because it refers to the eight stadiums that host the World Cup matches. So much for the first symbol.

There are many others for this logo which was unveiled to the public three years ago, in March 2019 by being projected on several facades of buildings in Doha, but also in other major cities in the world such as New York, London or Paris. Football fans will no doubt also have noticed that the silhouette takes up that of the famous World Cup trophy representing, at its top, the terrestrial globe, carried by two transcended sportsmen.

There is another symbolism. The ripples in the emblem refer directly to desert dunes, large or small as they are shaped by the winds. By tilting the logo horizontally, we can also see the sign of infinity “which underlines the innumerable interconnections involved in the competition“, explains Fifa.

Finally, the symbol that was created by a Portuguese studio (Unlock) based in Lisbon is also representative of the scarf worn in the Arab world, especially in winter. This white fabric displays embroidered patterns in burgundy (the color of the country and the nickname of the national team). The words “FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022», find their place in an Arab font specially created for the occasion and revisiting calligraphy.

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