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“Qinwan” premium dates officially at Harrods in London

In its first move toward international expansion

“Qinwan” premium dates officially at Harrods in London

Doha, Qatar – April 2023: Qinwan, the leading Qatari brand specialized in premium dates took the first step toward international expansion by launching its brand in "Harrods", the renowned department store and one of the top attractions in London. This agreement comes as the second step taken by the brand towards globalization.

owing to the unique and exceptional quality of its products of the finest dates, distinctive packaging, world-class services, and insightful vision, "Qinwan" has been able to secure a prominent position and become the first Qatari brand to compete in the high-end quality dates markets locally and globally. The company progressed by picking the best carefully selected organic dates to ensure the best quality that can be provided to its customers, taking into account the smallest details covering the dates’ production, gift boxes’ designs, manufacturing and selling.

Through its extensive experience and hard work of its distinguished team, "Qinwan" was able to provide many options of premium products, from raw dates to the goods embedded with the creative sense of "Qinwan" team, such as dates filled with chocolate or stuffed with nuts and dry fruits, meeting the aspiration of fine dates adherents.

Through its premium products, "Qinwan" seeks to curate the best fusion merging the high-end luxury aspect with the authenticity of Qatari hospitality through innovative and attractive designs that elevate to be the best gift that reflects the warm kindness and genuine generosity.

Despite its small size compared to other fruits, dates are one of the most famous fruits in the Arab region. The nutritional value of dates is significantly important, hence a single piece of it contains various vitamins and minerals that the body needs to provide energy throughout the day because it contains useful sugars. Furthermore, dates are genuinely rooted into the Arabic and the Qatari cultures due to its religious status and nutritional benefits making it the first food to be consumed during Ramadan Iftars, social gatherings, feasts, and banquets; and became a symbol of warm hospitality.

Expressing excitement, the management of Qinwan, commented, “Inking this agreement with the renowned English brand “Harrods” is the result of the relentless efforts and hard work mise-en-place by our talented team. During the past years, we have been able to put a distinctive and pioneering footprint in the world of luxury dates, which was resulted by the finest quality of our premium products, the distinctive and creative packaging, and our upscale level of provided services, we have become the first Qatari brand to compete in the luxury dates markets locally and globally. Today, we commemorate this success by having our brand and products on display in one of the largest and most famous fashionable department stores in the world, and the greatest in Europe”.

Qinwan is a specialized Qatari company with a vision to provide the finest types of lux dates in Qatar and the region, and currently owns a group of stores and points of sale spread throughout the entire local market, in addition to a special factory where the finest types of dates are sorted, shaped, and packaged.

The company is currently working on supplying its products to many local companies, in addition to a selection of the finest international stores, from raw dates or the ones embedded with the creative sense of "Qinwan" team, such as dates filled with chocolate or stuffed with nuts, all packed in the finest types of boxes that are characterized by the highest international standards.

"Qinwan" products reflect the authentic Qatari Arab heritage, which is contemplated in the presence of its products in all conferences, public events, and private gatherings in the country, as its dates have become an emblem for local hospitality.


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