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Qatari businessman kidnapped for $400,000 ransom rescued by Turkish police

A gang has been arrested by Turkish police for kidnapping a Qatari businessman and demanding $400,000, as reported by Gulf News. According to a Turkish newspaper, the Qatari businessman and his friend were kidnapped on February 1 from the Iskenderun district in Hatay province, Turkey. The Turkish gang demanded a $400,000 ransom from the family of the Qatari businessman and had already received half the amount. The gang also threatened to send the Qatari to Syria if the ransom wasn't paid by end of February, according to Haber Turk news site. The police were able to rescue the two victims, who were transported to the city of Adana, and arrest 5 out of the 9 gang members. The report added that the police are continuing with efforts to arrest the remainder of the gang members. It was not revealed what happened to the ransom money the gang got.


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