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Qatar Tourism enhances desert experiences for residents and international visitors

At the beginning of this year’s winter season, Qatar Tourism conducted an inspection campaign on four-wheel drive bike rental offices in Sealine and Ghariyah.  The campaign ensures adherence to Law No. (20)/2018 which specifies operating guidelines and standards for vehicles used in tourism experiences.

Timed with the start of the winter season, Qatar Tourism conducted the annual inspection in collaboration with the South Security Department in Sealine, the North Security Department in Ghariyah, the General Directorate of Traffic, and the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME).


Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Ali Al Mohannadi, Head of Tourism Control Section at Qatar Tourism, said: "Providing distinctive tourism experiences is one of our top priorities at Qatar Tourism. As desert excursions are a significant part of Qatari culture and are a popular tourism activity, we work closely with the relevant public and private institutions to improve security and safety during the camping season. We also work jointly with the owners of the rental offices to assist them in complying with the licensing requirements, with a focus on delivering service excellence. Our regulations not only prioritize the safety of campers and tourists but also help to protect the investments of vendors and ensure a quality experience.”


As an entity responsible for regulating, supervising, and controlling all entities and activities of the tourism and hospitality sector, including issuing licenses, and classifying institutions and activities in the sector, Qatar Tourism focuses on providing safe and secure products and experiences.  With the popularity of camping and associated activities, enforcing regulations is of great importance, helping the sector build more offerings in an ideal and safe environment.


Qatar’s famed winter season is captured vividly in the new destination campaign recently launched by Qatar Tourism, ‘Hayyakum Qatar,’ which showcases Qatar’s diverse attractions and events. Earlier this month, Qatar Tourism issued the December edition of its monthly Qatar Calendar guide, with events that range from outdoor bazaars to sports championships, art exhibitions, and more. For more information and to stay up to date on events, you can visit

and follow @qatarcalendar on Facebook and Instagram.


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