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Kahramaa to install EV charging units at all Woqod fuel stations

Promoting sustainable transportation to cut carbon emissions, Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) has launched work to expand its electric vehicle (EV) charging network to all Woqod fuel stations in the country.

The project is expected to be completed within two years.

"Following an agreement between Kahramaa and Woqod, DC fast charging stations will be installed at all Woqod stations operating across the country within two years,' said Mohammed Al Sharshani, Head of the Sustainable Transportation Unit at Kahramaa.

Speaking to Qatar TV recently, he said that Kahramaa has started installing EV charging stations at Woqod petrol station in Abu Samra. He said that Kahramaa and Woqod signed the agreement on November 30, 2022, to supply, install and operate 37 DC fast charging units for electric vehicles (EV) at Woqod stations.

"Gradually, the EV charging stations network will be expanded to all Woqod stations where motorists can charge their electric vehicles like they are refuelling their cars," said Al Sharshani.

"Kahramaa is committed to providing EV charging stations across the country following the sustainability goals of Qatar National Vision 2030," he added.

Speaking about the charging speed, Al Sharshani noted that it depends on the power connections of charging stations, as a charging unit with 50 kilowatts (KW) takes 40 minutes to charge a vehicle.

However, he said the charging units of 100kW and 150kW can charge a vehicle within 30 and 20 minutes, respectively. Al Sharshani also disclosed that a feasibility study is going on to increase the power connection to 300kW in future, which will reduce the charging time to within 10 minutes.

To a question about the achievements of Kahramaa in installing EV charging stations, he said: "We installed about 100 fast EV charging stations in Qatar in 2022. Now we are in the second phase under which 150 charging stations will be installed in 2023 across the country to serve the motorists."

As per the plan, he said, Kahramaa aims to install from 600 to 1,000 EV charging stations by 2025 and 2030 to promote green transportation in the country and cut carbon emissions following the economic and environmental sustainability goals under the QNV 2030.

Regarding targeted places for installing EV charging stations, Al Sharshani said: "The installation of fast charging stations began at government buildings, malls, hotels, Woqod stations, public and private parking areas with an ambition to expand the network across the country, and creating awareness among motorists to adopt electric vehicles."


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