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Feb 29 - Qatar's health ministry reported on Saturday the first case of coronavirus infect

The Ministry of Public Health announced the registration of the first confirmed case of coronavirus - 2019 (Covid-19) in the country belonging to a 36-year-old Qatari citizen who had recently returned from the Islamic Republic of Iran among the citizens whom the state evacuated on a private plane from the Republic Islamic Iran and those who were subjected to quarantine upon their arrival on February 27, and the patient has been admitted to the Transitional Diseases Center under complete isolation and is in stable condition.

This matter was expected to happen due to the spread of the virus in many countries of the world and countries in the region and due to the continuous increase in the number of cases that have been reported in these countries.

The Ministry of Public Health has begun to examine all persons closely related to the patient and implement appropriate quarantine measures, and there is currently no evidence of the spread of the virus in the country, and efforts are currently focused on screening incoming travelers in all outlets of the country.

The Ministry of Public Health continues to take all necessary measures to limit the spread of the virus, and calls on all members of society to exercise caution and apply a set of simple preventive measures to protect against infection including continuous hand washing or the use of hand sanitizers, and to avoid contact with people who have symptoms, and to keep An appropriate distance from other people, using clothing sleeves when sneezing or coughing or using tissue paper and then disposing them appropriately in a closed container. The Ministry of Public Health advises all people who were present in any of the countries that have been reported For cases of infection with the virus during the past fourteen days, and they showed symptoms of respiratory infection, namely coughing and a high temperature, by calling the Ministry's hotline on (16000).

The Ministry of Public Health works closely with all of its partners and with the World Health Organization to ensure the application of the latest guidelines and measures to protect public health, and the Ministry of Public Health invites the generous public to visit its website regularly to view the latest information and obtain health advice and guidance, as the Ministry updates the information regularly.

The Ministry calls on citizens and residents to fully cooperate with all preventive measures that it applies, and the Ministry of Public Health renews the warning against circulating rumors or obtaining information in this regard from unreliable sources.


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