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238 New Cases Confirmed

The Ministry of Public Health announced in a press conference today that it recorded 238 new confirmed cases of coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) in the State of Qatar for expatriates from contacts of the three cases that were announced to be infected with the virus last Sunday who reside in one residential complex.

The ministry explained that the new cases that were registered were those who were subject to quarantine as a precautionary measure since the discovery of the injury of the three arrivals, which prevented them from contacting other members of society, bringing the number of confirmed cases of Corona infection in the country to 262 cases so far.

The Ministry of Public Health stated that the number of people infected with the virus is likely to increase among contacts of previously announced patients, who are subject to quarantine ... calling on community members to be reassured that all declared cases enjoy a very good health condition and receive medical care at the Center for Transitional Diseases.

The Ministry of Health urges all parties and individuals to follow preventive measures to ensure their safety and that of their community, and refer to the website of the Ministry for all the latest information and developments about the virus (Covid 19) available in several languages, or call the toll-free number (16000).


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