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The kayak fishing competition at Old Doha Port

The start date of the first edition of the Kayak Fishing Tournament will be postponed to June 23 and 24 due to bad weather, announced the Old Doha Port's official social media handle.

The Kayak Fishing Tournament was scheduled for Friday, but it was then decided to postpone it and extend the registration period to June 22, in order to ensure the safety of the participants in light of strong wind forecasts.

The Old Doha Port will organize a kayaking competition in cooperation with the Doha Marine Sports Club.

The event will be held at the Al Bandar area of the Old Doha Port as a starting point and the fishing zone will be the port basin, opposite to waterfront of the Al Mina area.

Contestants will be using special one-seat fishing kayaks and any of the traditional fishing equipment and tools, such as rods, fishing lines or hooks accepted by the tournament jury.


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