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MoEHE unveils education strategies for academic year 2024-2025

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) unveiled fresh curricula strategies for the academic year 2024-25, in line with the Third National Development Strategy.

MoEHE's Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Affairs, Maha Al Ruwaili, said the new strategies seek to achieve an ideal balance between the academic, skill-based, social and psychological aspects of students according to their needs.

She added the new plans stem from the commitment to providing education that meets the needs of students and enables them to acquire the skills and values that qualify them to face the challenges of the future.

Set to cover educational stages from kindergarten to high schools, the new plans focus on 21st century skills, such as digital competence, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking. They also aim to keep pace with the best education global practices that promote students physical and mental health.

KG students will be offered free reading classes as part of their fun meeting classes along with increased sports activity.

For elementary schools, students will have the opportunity to acquire further linguistic and artistic skills along with life skills that develop their motivation to learn. For the preparatory school students, further focus will be put on Arabic and English reading and writing classes with the inclusion of topics that meet students interests and develop their skills.

Meanwhile, secondary school students will be required to submit graduation projects based on research and creative skills, as well as volunteering hours to develop their sense of social responsibility.

Also among the new plans for the next academic year, teaching hours for preparatory school students will continue until 1:30 pm, except for Thursdays, which end at

12:40 pm, while the school day for secondary schools goes until 1:30 pm.



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