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Lynk & Co 09...the ultimate luxury SUV for business or leisure

-        available at Auto Class Cars at its showroom on Salwa Road

The Lynk & Co 09 Ultra is a luxury sports utility vehicle with 5 doors and a front-mounted powerplant that delivers its power through all four wheels.

Built on the advanced SPA architecture and standing as an iconic flagship of the brand, the 09 embodies the on-ward and up-ward spirit and automotive luxury. With its premium design, intelligent features, and versatile configurations, it blends effortlessly into your modern urban life. Whether for business or leisure, this inimitable companion will take your adventures to new heights.

The Lynk & Co 09 and another lineup of cars are available at Auto Class Cars, the authorized general distributor of Lynk Co in Qatar, at its showroom on Salwa Road. New buyers can leverage several benefits including 5 years warranty and 5 years free service.

Aesthetics for the Visionaries

By inheriting and re-inventing the Mega-city Contrast through deconstructivism, the 09 rides on the forefront of urban style. With the "Aurora Borealis" daytime running lights, these captivating lights are inspired by nature's spectacle, painting the urban canvas with enchanting radiance.

The 09 shines with its Urban Coast Front, inspired by the dynamic yet serene coastlines of metropolises. The front fascia ingeniously adopts the design of dual decorative lines and effortlessly fuses power and elegance.

In "Energy Cube" LED Rear Combination Lamps, crystals are illuminated as the night falls, providing unlimited energy in the modern urban.


Your First-Class Cabin

The Lynk & Co 09 is distinguished by its elegant interior, where intuitive technology meets luxury design. With 09, you always travel in comfort and ease.

Thanks to the 12.8-inch full-color W-HUD, drivers can Keep their eyes on the road and get real-time information at a glance. Furthermore, the 12+6 inch Touchable Center Panel offers an immersive canvas of connectivity, convenience, and entertainment. The Starry Night Controls allow you to embrace the tactile elegance of matte silver grainy electroplating at your touch.


Outstanding Comfort

With the Lynk & Co 09, you indulge yourself in the ultimate seating comfort throughout your every journey.

With its Luxury Seating, enjoy superior comfort with genuine NAPPA leather and built-in massage. The Overhead Lights illuminate your journey with the soft glow of the overhead reading light, creating a cozy space for your reading pleasure. The 14 Speakers BOSE Audio creates an astonishing sound and premium audio experience during the drive. The Premium etching technology creates unique “City in the Sky” and “Traces of Meteor” patterns for different models.

Thanks to its Air-purifying System, the driver and all passengers can breathe in the clean and fresh air as the Air-purifying System safeguards a healthy and refreshing cabin environment.

The Touch-controlled Steering Wheel is wrapped in genuine leather and features heating, memory, and 4-way manual/power adjustments.

The Lynk & Co 09 full-cover Sunshade makes your car an oasis of shade. Its ample room is perfect for your versatile use, where you can embrace your own space, everywhere you go.

Exemplary Sport Chassis

The 09 is equipped with an aluminum front double-wishbone independent suspension and a rear integrated multi-link independent suspension. With a substantial 48% usage of aluminum components, this chassis ensures a more robust vehicle structure, delivering enhanced stability, precise handling, and a tranquil driving experience.

The Drive-E 2.0TD T5 Turbo Engine + BSG generates a power parameter of T5 Evo: 254Ps, 350 N·m, paired with 48V BSG System, achieving smooth start and responsive acceleration.

The 8-speed Automatic Transmission secures smooth gear shifting and less hesitations. This means that the vehicle is featured by strong power output in low gears as well as economy and fuel saving in high gear.


Intelligent systems

The Lynk & Co 09 resembles the Multitude of Technology, one touch away. It Integrates 23 advanced driving assistance functions, ensuring your safety at all times.

It is equipped with a human-centered technology that simplifies the complexities of city traffic, giving you instant mastery of the road. With its high-strength body structure, uncompromising safety is ensured, while the High-sensitivity Radar Sensor allows precise computation of vehicle dynamics by equipping 12 ultrasonic radars.

Its Intelligent Driving Assistance System includes Highway Assistant which makes highway driving easier and stress-free, and Evasive Maneuver Assist which helps drivers stay safe and agile in critical situations, in addition to intelligent Front Cross Traffic Alert.


About Lynk & Co

Lynk & Co, born in 2016, has achieved remarkable growth and progress in record time, establishing itself as a premium brand poised to reshape the automotive sector. It's not just another car manufacturer; but a brand that continually challenges the boundaries of innovation. The global company carries the European genetics of car manufacturing. The values of the company are to present luxury efficient powertrain with European technology. It is the perfect combination of high performance, luxury, and safety.

Lynk & Co was created for urbanites who share a spirit of openness, bringing together elements from both Eastern and Western automotive cultures. Lynk & Co stands out as a beacon of innovation, meeting the demands of a new generation of drivers and empowering them to embrace the new era and enjoy a quality-driven lifestyle.


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