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Huawei Explores Path to Net Zero Campus at 3rd Smart City Expo Doha 2023 with UDC and Qatari Diar

Huawei, the global tech giant, collaborated with Qatari Diar, the leading real estate firm and United Development Company (UDC) master developer of The Pearl and Gewan Islands to host a high-profile media round table on the sidelines of the 3rd Smart City Expo Doha. Attended by local media representatives, the session served as a platform to delve into the collective journey towards achieving a Net Zero Campus, focusing on the challenges ahead and the collaborative efforts required to address them.

Held at the Qatar EXPO on November 29 and 30, the 3rd Smart City Expo Doha aligns with Qatar's commitment to smart and sustainable urban development. The event was organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Fira Barcelona International.

The media round table brought together key stakeholders from Huawei, UDC, and Qatari Diar to share insights and experiences in creating a sustainable and environmentally conscious Net Zero Campus. Discussions focused on strategies, technological innovations, and collaborative initiatives aimed at mitigating carbon emissions, promoting renewable energy solutions, and overcoming challenges in transitioning toward a Net Zero Campus.

Huawei unveiled its Net Zero Campus Framework in June 2023, offering a comprehensive guide for campuses to develop a net zero carbon emissions roadmap. This framework, designed to advance sustainable development, aligns with the priorities of Qatar's government. The framework recommends a stepwise approach, beginning with smart campus solutions and progressing to net zero energy and net zero carbon campuses.

Safder Nazir, Senior Vice President of Public Sector Huawei Middle East & Central Asia, stated: "At Huawei, we believe in the transformative power of technology to create a sustainable future. Our Net Zero Campus Framework, including Huawei’s Carbon Conscious ICT approach, is a testament to our commitment to supporting Qatar's vision for smart and sustainable cities. Huawei's engagement with innovative smart city developers, such as UDC and Qatari Diar, reflects its commitment to supporting Qatar in realizing its sustainability goals."

Mr. Khalifa Al-Mana, Senior Manager, City Control Center, and Smart Operations, Qatari Diar, expressed: "The media round table highlights the importance of public-private partnerships in achieving sustainable urban development. Qatari Diar is proud to collaborate with Huawei and UDC to explore solutions contributing to our commitment to Qatar National Vision 2030 and promoting environmental stewardship."

Ala'aldeen Farhan Ali Al-Soukni, Head of Quality, Safety and Environment at UDC, said: "UDC is dedicated to creating environmentally conscious urban spaces, and our collaboration with Huawei is a step towards realizing this commitment. The Net Zero Campus Framework provides a strategic roadmap, and our discussions at the media round table emphasized the collective efforts needed to transition towards a sustainable future."

The event underscored the collaborative efforts of Huawei, UDC, and Qatari Diar in championing sustainability within urban development. Participants engaged in meaningful dialogues, sharing best practices and insights to foster a sustainable future. The occasion showcased Huawei's industry leadership and commitment to sustainability, highlighting the company's innovations and capabilities in driving positive change.

Qatar has positioned climate change as a key priority. Qatar's National Vision 2030 prioritizes environmental stewardship, leading to the implementation of programs and projects aimed at reducing air pollutants, curbing CO2 emissions, and increasing reliance on renewable energy.


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