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Five best parks for walking and jogging in Qatar

With gyms shutting down and increased levels of fatigue after breaking Ramadan fasts, maintaining physical fitness has become quite a challenge. News of yet more precautionary measures and restrictions may have placed a downer on your plans to keep active, or even your general mental health. This may have exacerbated even more with hours-long fasts during the holy month of Ramadan. Walking is a great way to help you destress while getting your much-needed daily steps, and here in Qatar, there are plenty of open spaces that allow you for you to do so without putting yourself or anyone else at risk. We gathered a list of five of our favourite walking spots in Doha for you to consider on your next walk. Remember, always wear a mask that covers both your mouth and nose, and keep a safe distance away from any other pedestrians. 5/6 Park

Located in Onaiza between West Bay and Katara, the fairly new 5/6 park spans 172,000 square meters and has a 1.4 jogging track as well as a 1.1 km bicycle lane. The park is known for its iconic green maze that is designed to resemble Qatar’s map, with entrances and exists named after cities in the country. Read also: How to prepare for the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan It is also features Qatari artists including Fahad Al Hajri’s ‘Symbol of Resilience’ [Sumood] which was inspired by the illegal 2017 blockade on Qatar. The park itself takes its name from the date of the embargo – June 5th. Katara Hills

Located minutes away from 5/6 Park and beautifully nestled away in the cultural village is Katara Hills Park – a perfect spot for those who enjoy more inclined walking and a breathtaking view of the city. The park is located on top of a hill that is accessible via steps. Once you’re up there, you’ll find ample open green space as well as a walking/running track that circles the entire area. Aside from being a great space to walk, it’s also one of the most relaxing and ideal places to watch Qatar’s sunsets. Marina, Lusail

The great thing about the newly-built Lusail City is its expanded landscape. Lusail Marina, or Lusail Promenade, spans over 140,000m2 and gives you at least 1-2 hours worth of walking time. The beautiful corniche gives you full view of the sea as well as the modern skyrise towers of Lusail Marina. Plenty of benches are available for when you need a rest and food or drinks are easily available from kiosks around the walkway as well as the Marina Food Arena. Al Bidda Park/Corniche

Built in 1996 and formerly known as Al Rumaila Park, Al Bidda Park remains as a key location for families. It’s located in West Bay, minutes away from Qatar’s infamous Corniche where you can see Doha’s skyline. Starting from the iconic Sheraton hotel and crossing the city to the Museum of Islamic Art, the Corniche is also a great place to walk. It runs for a length of 7km, which means a two-way trip will most definitely help you unwind and hit your 10,000 daily steps goal. Aspire Park

Far from Doha’s skyline, Aspire Park continues to stand as an ideal walking spot for resident in Qatar. Located in Aspire Zone, the 880,000 square meters park has plenty of running and walking tracks, beautiful green spaces and a lake that you can sit by when you need to take a break.


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