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The importance of developing and implementing parenting education programs to create a healthier, more cohesive family framework for future generations has been highlighted by the Doha International Family Institute. The "For a Brighter Future" campaign aims to show how programs that support parents in nurturing children can positively impact and enhance their caregiving techniques and interactions with children.

The campaign comes as a result of the evidence gathered by Doha International Family Institute (DIFI) – a member of Qatar Foundation – that highlights how the skills and knowledge required by parents in Qatar can be strengthened through participating in these programs to enhance family bonds and unity.

A report conducted by DIFI on parenting programs highlighted that these programs in the Arab region focused on capacity-building, family counseling – especially for at-risk families – protection from domestic violence and illness, parental skills, early childhood treatment, problematic behavior management, and family planning.

At a glance, research shows that parental programs fall under four categories: parental (family) support, parent education, parental training, and intervention. In the report conducted by DIFI on parenting programs, most programs in the Arab region fell under the “Education” category at 32%, followed by “parental support” at 27%, “parental training” at 25%, and “intervention” at 17%.

Dr. Sharifa Noman Al-Emadi, Executive Director of DIFI, said: “Investing in parenting programs and positive parenting is of great importance, as it contributes to achieving goals that go beyond the well-being of a child; it is the empowerment of future generations. Through this campaign, we encourage both mother and father to attend more parenting education programs to help them navigate through the journey of different stages of a child’s life.”

During a related study on ‘Adolescent well-being in Qatar’ in 2020, DIFI reported that adolescents who cultivate strong bonds with their families, participate in organized activities such as sports and recreational pursuits, and maintain healthy lifestyles are less inclined to engage in harmful behaviors compared to their peers.

The “For a Brighter Future” campaign offers an opportunity for open dialogue within the Qatari society to emphasize the importance of parenting and parenting programs, and how any challenges faced by Qatari families can be addressed. It also serves as a platform for introducing parenting education programs aimed at enhancing the overall quality of care children receive.

More Info About DIFI:

Doha International Family Institute (DIFI)

DIFI is a global policy and advocacy Institute working to advance knowledge on Arab families and promote evidence-based policies at national, regional, and international levels.

DIFI is a member of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development (QF) and is an integral part of the Foundation’s efforts to foster healthy, educated societies underpinned by strong cohesive families in Qatar and the region. DIFI has a special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

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Qatar Foundation – Unlocking Human Potential

Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development (QF) is a non-profit organization that supports Qatar on its journey to becoming a diversified and sustainable economy. QF strives to serve the people of Qatar and beyond by providing specialized programs across its innovation-focused ecosystem of education, research and development, and community development.

QF was founded in 1995 by His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Father Amir, and Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, who shared the vision to provide Qatar with quality education. Today, QF’s world-class education system offers lifelong learning opportunities to community members as young as six months through to doctoral level, enabling graduates to thrive in a global environment and contribute to the nation’s development.

QF is also creating a multidisciplinary innovation hub in Qatar, where homegrown researchers are working to address local and global challenges. By promoting a culture of lifelong learning and fostering social engagement through programs that embody Qatari culture, QF is committed to empowering the local community and contributing to a better world for all.

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