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All you need to know about this year’s National Sports Day

When is National Sports Day? February 9 /2021 This public holiday in Qatar is celebrated annually on the second Tuesday in February. The main objective of the holiday is to promote a healthy lifestyle among Qatar's population. History of National Sports Day The first National Sports Day was held in 2012. It followed a decree issued in December 2011 by HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Deputy Emir, and Heir Apparent. The decree stated that the second Tuesday in February would be Qatar's National Sports Day. On the day, more than a hundred government ministries and private sector organisations organise a series of public events and encourage their employees to engage enthusiastically in sports activities. Activities range from football to basketball, tennis to taekwondo, cycling to swimming, with countless free sporting sessions and social competitions, available to all ages and abilities to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate in sport. Celebrating the National Sports Day highlights the role that sport plays a factor in creating a healthy community at both physical and psychological levels. The day is part of the Qatar National Vision 2030 initiative. Qatar is one of the few nations to dedicate a day for sports

Anyway, The Ministry of Culture and Sports (MCS) announced health measures must be imposed for this year’s Sports Day. This year’s National Sports Day will be strictly held outdoors to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus, the organising committee said on Tuesday. In a statement issued by MCS, the committee said no activities will be allowed indoors, saying all sports events must be held in the open air. This is to protect the health of participants, spectators, organsing committee members, staff and supporting personnel. Qatar celebrates the second Tuesday of February as National Sport Day, which falls on February 9 this year. The Ministry of Public Health said RT-PCR tests will be conducted for all those participating in activities that involve direct contact, including football, volleyball, basketball and others. No RT-PCR tests will be required for others taking part in activities where physical distance can be maintained, such as marathon, walking, cycling, boating, marine activities, athletics and more. Activities that are considered to be unsafe in terms of risking transmission of coronavirus will not be available without prior approval from the MoPH. Setting up tents and temporary stalls, the distribution of gifts and free food to the public, exhibitions and music shows will all be avoided at the 2021 event. Despite the health pandemic the committee encouraged people to take part in physical activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle while at the same time adhering to precautionary measures set in place. Qatar recorded a total of 4,223 current active cases on Tuesday, indicating a rise in infections compared to last week.


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