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Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium

An exciting new dawn has come to one of Qatar's most historic cities, which sits close to Doha on the way to beautiful desert landscapes.

The gateway to the desert opened its doors to the world on 18 December 2020 with a spectacular debut that included the Amir Cup final. Al Rayyan, where Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium is located, is known for its love of traditions and local culture, as well as its hugely popular football team, Al Rayyan Sports Club. The close-knit community here is deeply committed to the team, whose new arena will host up to 40,000 fans at FIFA World Cup 2022™ matches. Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, built on the site of a venue with the same name, incorporates symbols of Qatari culture into its spectacular undulating façade. The facilities surrounding the stadium also mirror the country, with sand dune-shaped structures recalling the beautifully wild lands to the west. Al Rayyan welcomes football fans from around the world with open arms, eager to show them the rich culture of Qatar.

Thanks to its location on the edge of the desert, preserving nature and its gifts has long been a priority in resilient Al Rayyan – and this arena is no different. The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy has delivered the venue using environmentally friendly building materials and practices.

Every part of the stadium district has been designed with sustainability in mind. After the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ has come to a close, almost half of the stadium's 40,000 modular seats will be removed and given to football development projects abroad. The smaller post-tournament arena will enable Al Rayyan to maintain the intimate, neighbourly character it's famous for.


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