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188,000 Qataris and Gulf nationals have not received their profits from Al Rayan Bank since 2007

For 17 years, since January 2006, thousands of citizens, residents and Gulf people lined up in Doha to subscribe to Masraf Al Rayan, in a scene that many remember celebrating the newcomer bank on the Qatari banking market, which is a promising and attractive market for investment despite the signs of the global credit crisis at the time.

Thousands of shareholders may include a member of your own family, relatives or friends, as Masraf Al Rayan revealed a huge number for those who have not received their profits for 10 years or more, and they are 188680 shareholders between Qatari, resident and Gulf.

Masraf Al Rayan announced - on its website - the list of shareholders who did not apply to receive their profits in a step that comes in application of the instructions of Qatar Central Bank and in order to preserve the interests of its shareholders, explaining that this list includes the shareholders of Masraf Al Rayan and Gulf Commercial Bank (before the merger).

Masraf Al Rayan made available on its website ( the full list under the item "Contributor Instruments - Unrecipient Dividends"

How to disburse Qatari shareholders and residents

Masraf Al Rayan invited Qatari shareholders and residents (listed) to visit any of Masraf Al Rayan branches to collect their profits.

Non-resident shareholders

Non-resident shareholders (listed) from Gulf brothers or others must send a list of requirements and documents for unreceived profits, available on the bank's website under the item "Contributors' Instruments - Unreceived Dividends".

Last time is 6 months

The bank also invited shareholders whose names are listed under the said regulation to receive their dividends within 6 months from the date of publication of this announcement.

However, the outstanding profits, which their owners will not apply to receive within the 6-month deadline, will be transferred to the General Authority for Minors Affairs in the State of Qatar in compliance with the instructions of the Qatar Central Bank in this regard.

In order to ensure easy, secure and fast dividends, Masraf Al Rayan called on its shareholders to update their statement with Qatar Central Securities Depository, Financial Square Building, Third Ring Road, Doha, State of Qatar.


The bank asked the shareholders to provide it with the following data:

1- The shareholder number (NIN) and if it is not available, the passport used at the time of subscription in 2006 is divided.

2- Any other documents related to the subscription in Masraf Al Rayan such as (a copy of the subscription request, a copy of the stock allocation notice, a copy of any profit checks that were received from Masraf Al Rayan or a copy of the invitation to attend the general assembly of Masraf Al Rayan)

3- A copy of the shareholder's valid/unexpired identity card or a copy of the current valid/unexpired shareholder's passport (proof of identity data must be complete).

4- A certificate approved by the bank with which the shareholder deals indicating the shareholder's name, the IBAN number (International Account Number), the name of the bank and the currency of the account

5- The mobile number of the shareholder

6- If there is an agency, please send a copy of it, provided that it is certified by the Qatari Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of issue of the agency.

All that data (provided in color and high resolution) is sent to the following email address:


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