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Westbay District

Al Dafna

Al Dafna features some of the most upscale hotels, restaurants and shopping avenues in the country. Its is considered as Doha's new downtown.

Famous Towers

Considered to be one of the most prominent districts of Doha, West Bay is a home to some of the tallest, unconventional, world-class, and modern skyscrapers in Qatar including the iconic Burj Doha whose design expresses the local culture, connecting the modern with ancient Islamic designs.

tornado tower
gate mall

The ultimate luxury destination in Doha

Located between City Center Mall and Tornado Tower. The Gate mall is considered one of the most luxurious malls in the city, If you want to buy exquisite goods this is the pace to come. nice well decorated will all the grand luxury brands at the hand.

Doha's best nightlife

Westbay is the home of some of the country's best nightlife activities. If you are looking for a lovely night, good music & nice atmosphere then Westbay is your destination.

doha skiyline
hotel sheraton

Sheraton park

Escape the hustle "everyday life" and enjoy the nature of  Sheraton park. With a a tidal pool reflects the surrounding scenery of the park. The park is the best place to listen to music, write, eat, think, exercise, and collect your thoughts.

city center towers

Live in a Paradise by JW Marriot

JW Marriot is a newly opened 5 star hotel located in the heart of Doha, connected to City Center Mall and mere steps from the new Doha Exhibition and Conference Centre. The hotel is nestled in the key business and commercial district of West Bay and just 30 minutes’ drive from the new Hamad International Airport. The perfect choice for both business and leisure traveler.

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