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The third generation of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter impresses with its progressive design plus comfort an

Doha, Qatar, Nasser Bin Khaled (NBK) Automobiles, the Authorised General Distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Qatar, presents the all-new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in Qatar. It is available now at Mercedes-Benz showroom on Salwa Road.

The new Sprinter elevates the benchmark for the large van segment, offering an innovative and diverse range of product features that serves specific market needs more effectively than ever before. Through its technology and intelligence, the new Sprinter offers every customer a model tailored precisely to his or her needs.

The 2019 Sprinter transitions from a commercial vehicle with pure utility value to an impressive business card for commercial fleets and businesses. It pioneers the new design idiom of Mercedes-Benz Vans and embodies the inherent emotional appeal and intelligence.

The Sprinter has different priorities dependent on the customers’ needs and requirements. Ranging from the basic specification variant for customers who value proven Sprinter attributes such as standard-fit electronic stability program (ESP) and standard safety equipment like Crosswind Assist, through to the highest specification model where high-resolution touchscreens and high-quality materials determine the visual impression and ambience.

The stowage compartment concept exemplifies the adaptability of the interior. A choice of open or closed compartments, and a lockable compartment within the roof liner in the cockpit area, enable the configuration to be tailored precisely to the given requirements for the workplace behind the wheel.

Air Conditioning System

The desire for multiple individualisation options is continued in the temperature regulation, with a new advanced air conditioning system ideal for the MENA region.

Found in a separate control panel below the display for the telematic system, the modular construction of the ventilation system allows both the integration of a standard heating system and the use of a roof-mounted air conditioning system with a separate cooling circuit e.g. for passenger transport in hot countries. The high-performance overhead air conditioning system supplements the air conditioning at the front to up to 7 kW with an additional 11 kW of rear cooling output, both running on independent circuits, to reach a possible combined total of 18 kW to deliver the ultimate in climate comfort in the passenger compartment.

The powerful one-zone automatic climate control system THERMOTRONIC automatically regulates the fan, air distribution and temperature to the comfort level of a passenger car.

Modern safety and assistance systems

The new Sprinter is completely dedicated to safety: supporting Mercedes-Benz Vans’ role as a driver of innovation and a pioneer in the introduction of modern safety technologies in the large van segment. Modern safety and assistance systems play a particularly important role in this segment throughout the region, as commercially used vehicles are often in operation on a daily basis, covering long mileages and must remain controllable even at the limits despite their relatively large dimensions.

With the presentation of the new Sprinter, a whole range of optional safety and assistance systems is now available from Mercedes-Benz Vans that were previously maintained within the passenger car series. These include the radar-based distance control system DISTRONIC, Active Brake Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist. The Sprinter comes also with standard-fit Crosswind Assist, Active Brake Assist and Lane Keeping Assist. 3 camera solutions, from the reversing camera with rear view mirror display to the 360 degrees camera, are optionally available to further enhance the good overall view from the cockpit. The optionally available LED high performance headlamps provide for optimum illumination of the carriageway in dark. Standard fit airbag can help the driver in a collision. An additional 5 airbags are optionally available for driver and co-driver.

The exterior: Impressive business card for fleets and businesses

The exterior of the Sprinter has a new sensual design without compromising its role to support business needs and requirements. Vehicles in modern fleets are increasingly being given the role of company representatives, whereby the Mercedes-Benz design strategy, established in the passenger car sector, creates the basis for this.

Load area: metal panelling, lightweight plastic flooring or heavy-duty wood flooring

When it comes to the load compartment, the most important decisions for subsequent areas involves the choice of vehicle model, cab design, body length and tonnage. Depending on the type of model, the load compartment too can be independently adapted to suit the purpose and business model of the user.

The Sprinter Tourer can accommodate up to 8 people plus driver. With the longest of the 4 vehicle lengths and the highest roofs, the Sprinter Panel Van offers a load compartment volume of up to 17 m3. When necessary, a trailer load of up to 3500 kg can additionally be attached with a permissible gross combination weight of up to 8750 kg.

With over 600 items of optional equipment, including special fleet and suspension solutions, the sprinter can be adapted precisely to your requirements. The new Sprinter is also the leader for payload. Three wheelbases, three vehicle heights and various body variants: variability and versatility are also among the most important attributes of the new Sprinter when it comes to load capacity.

Engines and transmissions

The four-cylinder diesel engine, available with Euro V emission standards and suitable for Qatar fuel characteristics, has a displacement of 2.1 litres with rear-wheel drive generating with 120 kW (163 hp). Friction losses in the engines and belt drive have been reduced to optimise the efficiency and service life of the four-cylinder engine family. This results in high torque and great flexibility even at low speeds.

The 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission is also available for the Sprinter for the first time combining exceptionally smooth gearshifts with exemplary fuel efficiency and relieves the driver of manual gear-changing with KEYLESS START as an option. The seven close-ratio gears keep the engine speed as low as possible in every driving situation. This has a positive effect on the fuel consumption and improves noise reduction. The transmission operated via the gear shift paddles behind the steering wheel spokes allow shifting gears manually as well.

Diverse drive variants

Rear-wheel or all-wheel drive, the new Sprinter covers two drive variants, and can therefore be optimally configured for the relevant transport requirement and operating profile.

In the rear-wheel drive variants that are available throughout the region, thanks to separation of the drive and steering, the classic advantages lie in optimum ride comfort, a smaller turning circle and more agile handling. Rear-wheel drive also allows more control when towing a trailer and at the limits of the maximum permissible gross vehicle weight.

4ETS (Electronic Traction System), a feature available throughout the Mercedes-Benz product portfolio with engageable all-wheel drive, performs the task of up to three differential locks – rear, front and centre - through the automatic application of the brake system to a low traction spinning wheel. It applies a series of short brake pulses while consequently increasing the drive torque at the wheels with good traction.

The interior: dramatic contrasts and a harmonious overall impression

The interior also follows the design philosophy of "sensual purity". Characteristic features include the contrast between the gentle, emotional, yet clear lines along the larger surface areas in the cockpit which has also been revamped. It is boasting a winning combination of high quality design and outstanding functionality with the intelligent modular stowage compartment concept and KEYLESS START, as well as technically and visually precise details such as the air vents or the MBUX multimedia system.

Intuitive control concept for the entire cockpit

The infotainment system is just one example of the completely new control and display logic in the cockpit. As it is already familiar from the passenger car model series, the instrument cluster with a large display consolidates all the control lamps between the speedometer and rev counter. The instrument cluster is controlled via the touchpad on the left side of the multifunction steering wheel. This is also where the cruise control and distance assistant DISTRONIC are switched on and off. The touchpad that completely controls the MBUX multimedia system is located on the right side of the multifunction steering wheel.

Ergonomically shaped seats for a crewbus or VIP shuttle

For passenger transport, the new Sprinter is available with different configurations in the passenger compartment and different equipment variants for the seating. The seats can be optionally equipped with an armrest, four-way head restraint and backrest angle adjustment, and if required can also feature USB charging sockets and stowage space for smartphones, suitable for luxurious and professional passenger transport solutions.

The newly designed seats allow a posture that relieves back strain and can be precisely adjusted to suit the needs of the driver. The optional memory function for electric seat adjustments particularly shows its advantages in pool vehicles with several users.

With Easy Mounting, Mercedes-Benz Vans has also developed a new system where individuals can install and remove seat rows from the Sprinter Tourer, without assistance.

New Sprinter “Shuttle” lineup portfolio

Partnering with Arobus, a renowned bodybuilder solution provider - Mercedes-Benz Vans MENA has converted the Sprinter into a “Shuttle” variant for the Middle East. The Sprinter “Shuttle” lineup comes in three seating configurations from 15 to 22 seats plus the driver.

In this segment of operations, the Sprinter “Shuttle” lineup excels in terms of build quality, comfort and ultimate safety. From the three-point seatbelts to the ergonomic design of the seats and the standard high-performance air conditioning system, the Sprinter “Shuttle” lineup provides the ultimate solution for high-end professional passenger transport.

As climate control is of utmost importance in people-movers, the Sprinter “Shuttle” lineup offers upgraded heat isolation through premium insulation technology applied through all surfaces of the vehicle. The sliding door with optimised entrance dimensions, facilitates less air to get in and out of the vehicle, keeping it significantly cooler without compromising the ease of access.

The premium isolation technology also creates a pleasant acoustic atmosphere in the interior of the vehicle. This noise reduction is complemented by the fact that the engine is positioned outside of the passenger compartment making this a popular feature in this segment.


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