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Sandstorm blankets parts of Qatar, visibility less than 2km: QMD

Doha: The country witnessed a decrease in visibility due to a sandstorm which occurred in some parts of Doha.

On Twitter, QMD stated: "We are observing a decrease in the horizontal visibility in most regions of the country, and currently reaching 2 KM in the capital Doha." In the same statement, QMD also urged everyone to take extra precaution during this weather condition. To ensure safety in the event of exposure to waves of dust, QMD advised citizens and residents the following: 1. Avoid direct exposure to dust and dirt. 2. Take care by washing the face, nose, and mouth frequently. 3. Keep wearing a mask to avoid dust from entering your respiratory system. 4. When dust gets into the eyes, avoid rubbing them, and rinse immediately with water. On Tuesday, QMD stated that strong winds are likely to continue until Friday, January 22. QMD also issued a marine warning as current sea states range between 7-11 ft rising to 14 ft at times. The northwesterly wind speed also ranges between 22-32 KT gusting to 40 KT. Due to this weather condition, QMD advised people of Qatar to avoid all marine activities including: 1. Free swimming 2. Boat trips 3. Scuba diving 4. Free diving 5. Surfing 6. Fishing tours 7. Windsurfing

Source @peninsula_qatar


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