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Qatar National Library Prepares for Children’s Summer Camp and Host of Literacy Events

This June, Qatar National Library brings back its series about the world of historical manuscripts and launches the Children’s Summer Camp and Summer Reading Challenge 2024, among a lineup of attractions.

The month’s events start on 5 June, when the Library hosts an online study day titled “Research Tools and Approaches in Manuscript and Documentary Studies”. The event is part of the Library’s ongoing series, "Manuscripts of the Qatar National Library," which was launched in 2020 to provide insights into the rich heritage preserved within its collections.

Participants will have the opportunity to examine the differences between manuscripts and documents and learn how to leverage research tools to locate and access them. There will also be an introduction into how to read manuscripts.

Social inclusion in Qatar will be the focus of a separate event on 5 June that brings together expert panelists from various private entities to discuss efforts to empower people with disabilities to access equal opportunities, network, and participate in social and community activities.

On 6 June, Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra will take center stage, playing music from the soundtrack of the Bridgerton television series.

Then, on 10 June, the focus turns to children as the Library kicks off its Summer Reading Challenge 2024 in collaboration with the Kutubee Interactive Reading Platform.

The challenge aims to motivate children, aged between six and 14, to read and improve their language skills, expand their understanding, and enhance their critical thinking skills during the summer break. 

Later in the day, the Library resumes its Cultural Salon series, hosting a discussion on the complexities of national identity in the 21st century. Titled “National Identity in a Changing World,” the session will explore the multifaceted aspects of identity in the context of globalization, and how individuals and societies can adapt, thrive, and maintain their unique identities in a dynamic global landscape.

His Excellency Mr. Khalid bin Ghanem bin Nasser Al Ali AlMaadheed, Member of Qatar’s Shura Council, and Dr. Ezzeddine Abdelmoula, Director of Research at Al Jazeera Center for Studies, will share their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in an increasingly interconnected world.

On 12 June, the Library hosts its mother-oriented “Mommy to Be Speaker Series”. In its second instalment – “The Secret to your Baby's Sleep” – Farah Abu Reslan, a toddler intuitive sleep specialist, will discuss the implementation of a pre-sleep routine to help mothers organize their infant’s daily sleep schedule. She will also touch on children’s personality types according to their sensory behaviors and discuss different calming techniques.

Later in the day, the Library will host a lecture on “The History of Archaeological Expeditions to Excavate Sites in Qatar.” The lecture will shed light on the Library’s collection of books about the expeditions to Qatar and the excavations they conducted. Ms. Noura Al-Humaidi, Head of the Survey and Research Section of Archaeology at Qatar Museums, will discuss the various expeditions and their significance.

On 23 June, the Library kicks off the fifth edition of its Summer Camp for Children, which runs until 29 August.

Children can choose between joining a book club, participating in engaging and educational STEM-related activities or taking part in craft making, art creation and storytelling.

The Library resumes its literature-oriented activities on 29 June with the “Pen Talk” series, which creates a space for aspiring writers to exchange their experiences, brainstorm, and discuss writing ideas while learning how to describe characters and plot to formulate a story in Arabic.

The Library encourages all community members to register for its events. For more information about the Library’s activities and in order to register and attend these events, please visit our website at or download our application on App Store or Google Play.


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