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Places you can visit near Doha Metro stations

One of the best things that happened last year in Qatar was definitely the opening of the Doha Metro. Previously, residents without their own vehicles relied on buses, taxis, limousines, and ride-sharing vehicles to get around the country.

The mostly underground state-of-the-art automated rail network has three lines - Red, Gold, and Green. The Red Line runs from north to south (Lusail to Al Wakra) and connects with the Lusail Tram via Legraifiya station. It connects with the Gold Line through Msheireb Interchange while Al Bidda Station connects it with Green Line. Red Line has a total of 18 stops, with 13 stops currently open.

The stations on the Doha Metro Red Line are Lusail, Qatar University, Legtaifiya, Katara, Al Qassar, DECC, West Bay, Corniche, Al Bidda, Msheireb, Al Doha Al Jadeda, Umm Ghuwaillina, Al Matar Al Qadeem, Oqba Ibn Nafie, Free Zone, Ras Bu Fontas and Al Wakrah. Gold Line extends from east to west (Ras Bu Abboud to Al Aziziyah). Stretching in a distance of around 14 km, this line has 11 stations and was inaugurated on 21st November 2019 as a part of Qatar Integrated Rail Project. Al Aziziyah, Sport City, Al Waab, Al Sudan, Al Sadd, Joaan, Bin Mahmoud, Msheireb, Souq Waqif, National Museum and Ras Bu Abboud. Doha metro map has been installed at various metro stations in Qatar to guide the passengers on different routes and stations.

The Green Line also runs from east to west (Al Mansoura to Al Riffa). There are a total of 11 stations on this line and it stretches 22 km in length. Al Riffa, Education City, Qatar National Library, Al Shaqab, Al Rayyen Al Qadeem, Al Messila, Hamad Hospital, The White Palace, Al Bidda, Msheireb and Al Mansoura, out of these Al Bidda and Msheireb are inter-changeable stations. Hamad Hospital, Qatar National Library and Education City are the most remarkable stations on this line.

How to use metro in Qatar?

If you want to know about how to get to right destination, first download Qatar Rail, or Doha Metro guide ( it's an offline application).

By the way each metro station has own internet, so you shouldn't worry about wi-fi too. After you enter metro station you will get a message from Qrail WiFi (Your complimentary 30 min free WiFi service is activated successfully. For Premium Plans please visit:

You also need to have a travel pass.

Who needs a Travel Pass?  Everyone aged 5 and above needs a valid Travel Pass when travelling on the Doha Metro – the “Network”.  Children under 5 years of age may travel free of charge without a Travel Pass provided they are accompanied by someone holding a valid Travel Pass who is aged 16 or older.  A Travel Pass does not automatically entitle you to a seat and at busy times you may have to stand. You will not be entitled to any refund in these instances.  Doha Metro Travel Passes are not valid for travel on Mowasalat (Karwa) buses.

Types of Travel Pass A Travel Pass is a smartcard that a travel product – either travel credit (Top Up), a single journey or a day pass - is loaded onto that a customer purchases to enable them to travel on Doha Metro. There are three types of Travel Pass:  Limited Use – paper, not reusable, cannot be Topped Up with travel credit, contain either a single journey or a day pass for standard or goldclub travel, either adult or child. Cannot be registered.  Standard – plastic & reusable, valid for 5 years from issue date, Top Up with travel credit, minimum Top Up QR 5 and a maximum 500 QR can be held on one card, travel credit is deducted as you tap in and out of the ticketing system, Daily capping (see below) applies, QR 10 is the one- time cost for a Standard Travel Pass only, registration is optional but recommended, allows travel in standard & family class.  goldclub – same as Standard above, except: QR 100 onetime cost for a goldclub Travel Pass only, registration is optional but recommended , allows travel in goldclub.

Fares Doha Metro fares are affordable and easy to understand. Adult and child fares are the same. The same fares apply no matter what time of day you travel or what distance you travel.

The current fares are: - limited use (paper ticket) for single journey 3 QAR, goldclub 15 QAR. Day pass fare for standard 9 QAR, gold club 45 QAR,

- standard (plastic card) for single journey fare 2 QAR, day pass 6 QAR,

-gold club (plastic card) for single fare 10 QAR, for day pass 30 QAR.

Classes of Travel: Standard, family and goldclub are the three classes of travel on Doha Metro. *Family class travel is only for lone females and males or females travelling with children aged 11 or younger. Adult males aged 12 or older travelling alone are not permitted to travel in family class. The fare for travelling in standard and family is the same, the fare for travelling in goldclub is more expensive. Single journey is one journey from one station to another station on the Doha Metro. A journey is started when you tap-in at a Travel Pass validator to enter the network and finished when you tap-out. Day Pass allows unlimited journeys on the Doha Metro in one day and is valid from the time of purchase until 02:59. Daily Capping applies to reusable Travel Pass when paying using travel credit and limits how much you pay for the journeys you make in one day. Once you have made 3 journeys in a day you’ll pay no more for the rest of the journeys you make – your fare is “capped” at the equivalent day pass fare. Remember to always tap-in and tap-out at the start and end of your journeys, even when your fare has been capped.

Where to buy a Travel Pass  Standard and Limited Use: Self-service Travel Pass Vending Machines at all Doha Metro stations sell standard and Limited Use Travel Passes.  goldclub: goldclub Travel Pass can only be purchased at goldclub Information Centres at all Doha Metro stations.  Licensed Retailers,Carrefour, Jumbo, Al-Meera, Lulu & Family Food Centre outlets in Qatar sell standard Travel Passes for 30 QR 10 QR for the Travel Pass and 20 QR of ready to use travel credit.

Where to Top-Up with Travel Credit  Travel credit can be purchased and added to Standard and goldclub Travel Passes at self-service Travel Pass Vending Machines at all Doha Metro stations.  There is a minimum Top-Up amount of 5 QR.  Standard and goldclub Travel Passes can each hold a maximum of 500 QR Travel Credit.  There is no fee to Top Up your Travel Pass.  You can check the balance of travel credit on your Travel Pass at: 1. Travel Pass Vending Machines at any Doha Metro station. 2. The Qatar Rail website or mobile app, only if your Travel Pass is registered. Using your Travel Pass  Everyone aged 5 or above needs their own Travel Pass to use the Doha Metro. Two or more people aged 5 and above cannot travel using one Travel Pass.  The minimum Travel Credit amount on a Travel Pass required to travel is the price of a single journey, either 2 QR for standard or 10 QR for goldclub.  You should always tap-in at the start of your journey and tap-out at the end of your journey on the Travel Pass validators. Validators for Doha Metro are on the access gates.  When you exit a Doha Metro station using a single journey Travel Pass you cannot re-enter using the same Travel Pass, the product will expire and you will need to purchase another Travel Pass.  You must continue to tap in and tap out even when the daily cap has been reached on your Travel Pass.  Maximum journey time: You should complete any single journey within 90 minutes – the “maximum journey time.” This maximum journey time is the maximum time allowed between a tap-in and a tap-out on a validator and helps ensure customers pay the appropriate fare for their travel. If you exceed the maximum journey time, you will be charged an additional single journey fare, either deducted from your Travel Create an Account and Register your Travel Pass If you create an account with Qatar Rail you can register your standard Travel Pass (note: for goldclub travel cards registration is mandatory and will be done when purchased). The benefits of registering a Travel Pass are:

- The Travel Credit on your Travel Pass is protected against loss or theft; - You can view your recent journey history and payment transactions on our website or app; - You will receive email updates on promotions and service information. To register your card visit: or download the free Qatar Rail app from Google Play or App Store.

Doha Metro Timing Here are the Qatar Metro timings during which the rail network is set to operate. Saturday to Wednesday: 6 am to 11 pm Thursday: 6 am to 12 midnight Friday: 2 pm to 12 midnight

Currently, a lot of residents and beyond using the Metro and its other services.

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