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Photography violating privacy to invite action

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) reiterated on Monday that unauthorised photography in public places with cameras or mobile phones, violating the sanctity of private life will draw a penalty not exceeding QR10,000 and imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years as stipulated by Law No.4 of 2017.

Speaking at a virtual awareness programme, First Lieutenant Engineer Abdulaziz Mohamed al-Kaabi from the Economic and Cyber Crimes Combating Department at the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation explained that the law was issued in 2017 after amending Article 333 of the Qatar Penal Code. The seminar on ‘Prevention of Financial and Cyber Crimes’ was organised by the MoI's Public Relations Department as part of a series of awareness programmes for communities in Qatar. Representatives from various companies and communities attended. Al-Kaabi noted that blackmailing is a punishable offence by Qatar Law No.14 of 2014 and it draws imprisonment of not more than three years and a fine of not more than QR100,000 or either of these. Any person who uses information technology or network to threaten or blackmail will face action. Al-Kaabi said the increasing dependency on information technology has led to the emergence of new opportunities for cultural, social, economic, political and legal development and there has been an increase in digital risks because of the irresponsible use of technology. “We see that most of the traditional crimes have moved to the digital environment,” he said while pointing out that the five main types of cyber crimes are hacking, fraud, threat and blackmail, sexual exploitation of children and spreading rumours. The department collects inferences, investigates, probes, searches and tracks offenders while combating cyber crimes. The department, is also responsible for monitoring all activities that violate the law of security and cyberspace and receives complaints from the public and companies and proceeds to find the violators, the official said. While explaining the mechanism to combat cyber crimes, al-Kaabi described that prevention and awareness are the basic lines to address them. The department is carrying awareness campaigns targeting all types of people. The official urged everyone to be careful against phishing and while doing transactions by using ATM and credit cards. Links from untrusted sources should not be opened in email. “Don’t respond to messages from unknown sources saying you won a prize or asking you to share your personal or financial information, and ignore fraudulent messages,” he added. Public can contact the department through Metrash 2 or hotline 66815757

or telephone 2347444 or email


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