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Influential Qatari presenter gives sneak peek into former President Trump’s Florida home

The Mar-a-Lago resort was purchased by the former US President in 1985 for $5-to-$10 million, with a value that now stands at $160 million. Prominent Qatari media personality and travel show host Ali Bin Towar Al-Kuwari paid a special visit to the luxurious Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, where former US President Donald Trump is now residing. The influential Qatari received a “special invite” from the head of the former president’s office to visit his almost-century-old property. This is said to be his permanent home after leaving the White House. “I just finished with a meeting with former President Trump in the palace of the Mar Largo resort in Florida, and he had a distinguished conversation about the Gulf and Qatar, and in the end he asked me to send his regards to His Highness Sheikh Tamim, who is loved by the Americans as he said,” tweeted Al-Kuwari.

In the pictures shared by Al-Kuwari on Instagram, Trump greeted him in a casual polo shirt and trousers, suggesting the meeting was somewhat informal.

The breathtaking classically-embellished interior of the resort goes back to the1920’s, when Marjorie Merriweather Post built it. Trump purchased the Mar-a-Lago, which translates to “Sea to Lake” in Spanish, back in 1985 for at least $10 million and its value currently stands at $160 million, as estimated by Forbes. The Mar-a-Lago’s 110,000 square feet are covered with Spanish tiles, Italian marble and Venetian silks. It is also known as the “winter White House” as several US presidents spent their cold winters in it. Trump left the White House on January 20 after losing to Democrat President Joe Biden in the 2020 US elections.

Source: Ali Bin Towar Al Kuwari


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